Encounter Coaching Network

Encounter Coaching Network is about facilitating change.

Facilitating Change

Encounter Coaching Network is about facilitating change. People truly want to experience change in their lives, but instead we often face obstacles and failure because of the limitations of our own will and discipline.   We stuff our pain inside, guard our hearts and seek comfort in things that don’t satisfy. We ask questions like “What is wrong with me?” and we settle for a life that is less than the one we are capable of living.

But what if, in the middle of all our drama, trauma and junk, Jesus was able to love us in a tangible way that affected our lives so that change became easy? What if simple encounters with Jesus changed what we believe, healed wounds in our hearts and filled our desires?  What if the way of change became so understandable that you went on to live an inspired life that influenced others to change as well?

Introducing you to Jesus’ way of change is what Encounter Coaching Network is all about. We offer transformational workshops and Encounter Coaching services to individuals, ministries and churches.  Through ongoing support and connecting people, we are growing a supportive network to encourage momentum.  You’re not alone on this journey.

Where to start

You may begin with scheduling an encounter coaching session where you will encounter Jesus, or you may begin with one of three core courses.
Each course covers a different gateway to the heart and features a different Taste of Heaven encounter. Click here for more on Encounter Coaching.

Encounter God in our direct relationship with Him. Learn how God speaks to our hearts directly. Learn Jesus’ model for transformational change.

Encounter God through our life circumstances. Learn to co-operate with the work God is doing in your life through our circumstances.

Encounter God in our relationships with one another. Learn to hear God and be used by God in and through our most important relationships.

*The natural progression begins with Transforming the Heart, but you may take the courses in any order.


Our foundational course explores the basic workings of the heart, Jesus’ model of change and how to live in powerful, daily conversation with Jesus at the heart level.


Encounter Coaching Network in partnership with Leadership Meta Formation (LMI) is offering new and existing coaches the ability to become Certified in Coaching the Heart.