Encounter Coaching Network

What We Do, How We Do It and More.

What we do is training leaders in heart transformation and encounter coaching.

Discover that when Jesus speaks to your deepest desires it makes change possible.
Go deep beyond discipline, behaviour management and accountability to engage in Jesus’ way of change.
Learn skills for coaching the heart and transforming others.
Experience it yourself, practice it with team mates, go home changed and prepared to share it with others.
Be empowered to create relationships and organizational cultures of deep engagement and transformation.

How we do it is through highly interactive, hands-on 3.5 day workshops.

Class size is limited to 32 so you get up close and personal with our team.
We start with a taste of Heaven experience that will show you how good God is.
You will form a small group of four team-mates who walk with you through the entire course.
You will learn through hands-on practice, interactive games, art, media and live demonstrations.
To reinforce what you learn, and integrate it back to your own context, you will engage in 8 weeks of follow-up with your peer team through a facilitated weekly phone call or on line call.
The teams help participants to build a network of peers and bridge the gap as they integrate what they have learned into their circle of influence.

What you’ll learn is the art of engaging God from the heart. It will simplify the way you experience change, from your personal life, to one-to-one ministry, to leading your family or organization.

We’ll help you reorient everything around encountering Jesus in our deepest desires.
The key to this transformation is deepening your relational intimacy with Jesus.
His way of change begins with a heart-level encounter where he fills the fundamental desires that drive behavior–things like acceptance, belonging, freedom and significance.
Desire fulfilled in relationship with God is the missing key to changed behavior.
When God engages us at the heart level of our being, His life, love and truth then works its way upward into our identity, thoughts and actions–and everything changes.

What you’ll take away from the workshops are:

Experiences of your own personal transformation when you encounter Jesus and your own heart.
Practiced powerful skills and tools you can use to coach the heart and replicate what’s happened in you with others.
Effective, practical tools for building transformational cultures in your family, church or organization.
The ability to build leadership cultures in your own family, church, and organization where engaging God from the heart becomes part of normal, everyday life.

Who we serve

Who we serve is the church and people wanting to see change in their own lives and in the lives of others.

People who are stuck, discouraged, off track, and broken but long for more than that in life.
People who are engaging in relationships and want practical useable skills to engage at deeper levels.
People who are leaders in life, church and ministries.
People who want to be part of an encouraging network with others on the same intentional journey.