Don Albers

Don Albers is certified in Encounter Coaching through Leadership MetaFormation Institute. Don operates Encounter Coaching Network and Encore Day.

Don was 18 when the family farm went broke due to the high interest rates of the early 1980’s. With Don’s hopes of farming gone, he cried out to God asking what he was going to do with his life.

God knew what Don was made for and led him into a life of working with people.  Don’s response to God was to make a commitment to “Go where you ask me to go, do what you ask me to do, when you ask me to do it.”

Don pioneered a new Youth For Christ chapter in Lacombe, Alberta.  This work involved running clubs in the high school, and hosting large youth events in the city of Red Deer.

God then led Don and his wife Shauna to join YWAM to learn more about discipleship.  They served in the School of Biblical Studies in Nuneaton, England.

Returning to Red Deer, Don worked as a pastor for 10 years until 2010.

Don then spent 8 years working in business.  He learned more about organizational development as a way to help solve problems and bring order to chaos.

Don knows that his life’s calling is to engage people with a message of hope and encouragement. Don has learned how to facilitate change and equip people to be over-comers in the midst of life’s challenges and chaos.   Don is available as a Life Coach and workshop trainer to serve you and to serve the church in Alberta.

Don and Shauna have lived in Red Deer Alberta since 2000. They have three adult children Levi, Brittney and Josiah.  Don has the ultimate man-cave / hot rod shop where he enjoys coaching men and fabricating things out of steel.

– Don Albers