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Encounter Coaching Network has the privilege of partnering with Leadership Meta Formation (LMI) and Master Coach Tony Stoltzfus to offer Transforming the Heart.

Transforming the Heart unlocks the secrets of lasting change in life’s most difficult growth areas and will revolutionize your daily conversations with Jesus.  The course begins with a profoundly moving, 90-minute Taste of Heaven encounter.   This in-depth course focuses on the process of how God transforms hearts by filling our deepest desires. Become aware of the desires that drive your behavior and hear Jesus speak life to them. You will be transformed, and come away with powerful tools for engaging and transforming the hearts of others.

One of the biggest reasons why we fail to change is we try to manage our outward behavior but ignore why we do what we do. Disciplining your outward actions without addressing the beliefs, wounds, and unmet desires that drive them is like trying to hold a big beach ball under the water.  It takes constant discipline and effort and the minute you stop trying, it pops up again.  All that discipline and yet nothing inside changes. According to Jesus, our outward behavior is driven by the heart. The secret of transformation Jesus’ way is to have your desires fulfilled in relationship with God.

Transforming the Heart shows you how to identify your heart’s desires for things like love, approval, or security.   Understand how those desires and many others shape your actions, and–more importantly–how to meet Jesus in a way that He satisfies those desires. When you disarm the powerful urges behind an unhealthy behavior, you’ll find that outward change happens almost automatically.

For many, the greatest impact of Transforming the Heart is simply that it takes their relationship with God to a whole new level of intimacy and conversation. We’re used to talking about the theology and business of living the Christian life, but few of us seem to know how to talk about the relationship. For instance, when was the last time you asked Jesus what he likes about you? You will be amazed at how quickly and profoundly Jesus replies as you ask him to speak to your heart’s desire. Go beyond prayer lists and petitions to the intimate presence of God.

What you’ll Learn

Discover a practical, biblical model for change that touches the heart: mind, identity and desires. You’ll learn:

  • How the change model taught in scripture is radically different from what most of us think
  • The astounding nature of God’s goodness in dealing with our desires
  • The structure of the heart and what drives our behavior
  • Empowering change through encountering Jesus at the level of your deepest desires
  • Transformational coaching tools for reshaping identity, memories, wounds and beliefs
  • The heart alignment that allows discipline to really work

Transforming the Heart is a 3-1/2 day interactive workshop presented by Life coach and workshop trainers Chris Frost – Strata Coach and Don Albers – Encore Day.  Participants form teams of four individuals at the workshop to provide support, companionship and encouragement as you practice what you learn. After the workshop, over a conference call or online call, you will complete 8 weeks of follow up exercises with your peer team to integrate the principles into your life and leadership.   Just like when concrete is poured; you leave the forms up until the concrete is set.  Walking it out with your team is a key part of making the transformation solid.

The Cost of each course is $489.00 / With Early Bird Discount Save $50 = $439.00

Team of 2 Normal Cost $978.00 / With Early Bird Discount Save $75 each= $828.00

Add an additional fee of $110.00 per course for those wishing to be certified in Coaching the Heart.

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Event Info and Registration

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If you’d like more information on hosting a Transforming the Heart workshop in your area, please contact us.

Event Info and Registration

Please click here to register.

If you’d like more information on hosting a Transforming the Heart workshop in your area, please contact us.

Please Note: It is necessary for all participants to register at least three weeks in advance of the course. Before each course, we contact you and request some information from you to assist us in preparing for the Taste of Heaven.